Face Chop




Face Chop: Decision 2012

Weigh in on this year’s Presidential Election by chopping the faces of your Party’s favorite enemies. Watch as your score helps your Party’s National Score in the Face Chop Election, with the winner declared the day of the election, November 6.

Choose your party and start voting!

Face Chop Game Modes

Compete in all three political arenas–Classic, Arcade and Democracy–and make your Party proud. Each score gained is a ballot submitted, and your Party needs your vote.

Cast your votes now!

Classic Mode

Classic ModeIn Classic mode, vote like your grandparents did “back in their day.” Cast your ballot but make sure to avoid the Dynamite, a classic voting hazard.


Arcade Mode

Arcade ModeNow this is how we vote! Campaign like a madman in this face chopping frenzy. Chop George Washington’s and Benjamin Franklin’s Faces to activate two special modes that will take your voting to a whole new level.


Democracy Mode

Democracy ModeThis is a free country where we the people have the right to choose our leaders. Democracy is a fair and balanced playing field where both parties get equal face time.


Face Chop Unlockables

Play the game and unlock new ways to chop your foes’ faces. Slime, poo, rainbows and even barbed wire can be at your disposal as you weigh your options and cast your ballot.


“This game is rad. More than a fruit ninja type game but a statement about our American freedoms of expression and choice” -Mr.Venom

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